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Rafina Innovations Technologies is a dynamic and innovative company in the IoT ecosystem, which creates hardware solutions aiming to empower the user with on demand information, aiming to enhance living quality.

In our modern R&D centre located in Glasgow, Scotland, we are working on a large portfolio of disruptive technologies in the fields of Digital Health, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Diabetes, Assistive Devices and Sports and Wellbeing.


An IoT solution

Flexisense™ is the next generation of sensing technologies for wearable devices. It is a unique sensors based technology, a cost effective solution to a wide range of IoT projects that can be incorporated into a big variety of products. Flexisense™ measures pressure and, uniquely, shear forces and provides on demand information wirelessly.   

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Blood Flow Monitor

The blood flow and oxygenation monitoring system is a portable and user friendly blood oxygen delivery and blood carbon dioxide real-time monitoring and visualization device.

People with diabetes can suffer from reduced peripheral blood flow in their feet. This contributes to neuropathy and prevents the healing of diabetic foot ulcers, which can lead to amputation. The Blood Flow Monitor is a concept product that would facilitate the accurate monitoring of diabetic foot. Our portable ‘smart’ mat would provide an image of the peripheral blood flow, and its oxygenation data, and measure the temperature allowing the holistic monitoring of the foot health.

Robotic Surgical Assist

The Passive Robotic Leg Support System for Orthopaedic Surgery is a device dedicated to the basic function of holding and stabilizing a limb during surgery.

No single device dedicated to the basic function of stabilizing a limb during surgery exists. We have invented a passive robotic system for limb stabilization. The system is an active force amplification robotic platform which safely and accurately supports the leg of the patient under surgery. It utilizes Rafina Innovations’s proprietary force sensing technology. The surgeon using a control stick repositions the limb and the device follows the movement of the surgeon.


Hydra-Fit system creates prosthetic sockets with a uniform pressure distribution across the most of the residual limb, offering the best possible fit

A comfortable fit is essential for sockets and this requires considerable skill. 3D scanning is used to capture the outline of limbs, but it is hardly suitable for socket design. Up to 25% of prosthetic sockets are rejected shortly after they are made. Our Hydra-Fit socket system is based on acquired Socket-Fit IP and provides a uniform pressure distribution across the majority of the residual limb, taking into account the internal bio-mechanical properties of the stump, thereby offering the best possible comfort.

Sleep apnea device (BiPAP)

BiPAP is a small, silent, portable bidirectional airway device to assist sufferers of sleep apnea. The first really portable, reliable BiPAP devices designed to address the needs of people with demanding lives, who suffer from sleep apnea.