· New product roadmap designed to help change everyday lives of patients and athletes · HEALTHCARE: Smart Mattress and Smart Wheelchair Cushion to compliment Smart Insole invention · SPORTS: Cycling power meter technology offers affordable way to improve training · Glasgow company now looking for further partners to commercialise their healthcare... more
HCi Viocare has appointed Yannis Levantis as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company. The appointment comes at a time of operational growth for the Company, which is currently establishing a chain of Prosthetic, Orthotic and Diabetic foot rehabilitation centres in Europe, and expanding its R&D portfolio of devices for the larger... more
Heleen Kist, our COO will be present as speaker at the IoT Summit in Dublin, which brings together corporate, entrepreneurs and investors alike to explore how the Internet of Things means business. - See more at: http: //www. iotsummit. ie/#sthash. H39Bf4ar. dpuf Heleen Kist will talk about the revolutionary smart sensor technology and its... more
Our COO, Heleen Kist was invited by News Medical to provide 'Industry Insights' on the Internet of Things and to showcase HCi Viocare's insole for diabetes sufferers. News Medical is a leading online publication that features the latest developments in life sciences & medicine for healthcare professional, medical researchers and engaged... more
HCi Viocare's diabetic insoles were recently featured on Salus Digital, a leading network for the healthcare innovation community, and the positive reader response led to an interview with Dr Kapatos. Read the interview here . The diabetic insoles are designed to help diabetic patients monitor their feet and prevent diabetic foot ulcers, a leading... more
HCi Viocare's new insole designed for the prevention of diabetic foot conditions was featured in the Daily Record, Scotland's largest distribution newspaper. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/health/hi-tech-diabetes-aid-found-smar...more
We're today unveiling the groundbreaking Smart Insole, a connected product that fits into a training shoe, enabling runners to improve their performance and avoid injury. The first of its kind, the Smart Insole uses a network of tiny sensors to relay comprehensive information about running style back to the wearer via a smart device or mobile for... more
The HCi Viocare group has entered into a lease agreement for a modern, stand-alone 5,300 square foot facility in Glasgow, Scotland with an entry date of 1 March, 2015. The building will host the company’s first Viocare centre, a full service Prosthetic and Orthotic ("P&O") practice with a superior standard of personalised care, due to open in... more
HCi Viocare is pleased to share that it has created a new product concept for real-time, non-contact and non-invasive medical imaging as part of its entry to a ‘Technology Inspired Innovation’ competition held by Innovate UK, the United Kingdom’s innovation agency. Winners in the competition are awarded funding to support feasibility studies into... more
The new website, launched February 18, 2015, found at www.hciviocare.com , brings visitors up to date information on the Company's strategy and business model, and invites prospective commercialisation partners to explore the products currently available for licensing.more
Bioengineering experts HCi Viocare , today announced that they will be unveiling their smart diabetic insole at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) conference in Paris on the 18th and 19th of February. This low-cost, ground-breaking device can wirelessly relay foot pressure and shear information to a smartphone in real... more
HCi Viocare has filed a patent application in relation to pioneering low-cost, portable motion capture and gait analysis technology, which has applications in a range of sectors, including athletic wearable devices, physiotherapy, orthotics and potentially also gaming and film. The technology is part of the Company’s portfolio of products for... more
HCi Viocare has filed a patent for its ground-breaking shear sensing system technology. As far as the Company has been able to ascertain, there are no other wearable shear sensing devices on the market today, and yet shear is a key contributor to blisters and pressure ulcer formation in athletes, diabetic patients, wheelchair users, and the bed-... more
HCi Viocare has filed a patent application for its innovative pressure sensing system technology, which supports the development of very low cost, flexible and scalable pressure sensing devices in a range of sectors including wearable devices, Prosthetics & Orthotics, medical devices (e.g. for the diabetic foot), and automotive health and... more