HCi Viocare Ships its 4th Generation Athletic Smart Insole

Today we  have started shipping our  4th Generation Athletic Smart insoles to the sports shoes manufacturers with whom we are in discussions.


The 4th Generation Smart insole is the closest to commercial-ready product due to its significantly higher level of durability and resolution, as well as its improved communication and connectivity capabilities. The new version embeds the additional feature of temperature monitoring.  The Flexisense™ enabled insole maintains its uniqueness of measuring direct and shear forces


Dr. Christos Kapatos, HCi Viocare’s co-founder and CTO stated: “We are very happy today. I am proud for our 4th Generation Smart Insole, which is as close to a commercial-ready product as it can get from our side. In the next days the samples will be delivered to the major sports manufactures we are in discussions with and we are positive that they will see the insoles for what they are, the future of sports wearable performance measuring devices”.
Dr. Kapatos added: “I expect this version to even attract the direct interest of major Athletic Associations”.