HCi Viocare is a granted participant of the 10th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes, this week in Paris. It's happening now.

We are a granted participant of the 10th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes(ATTD), this week in Paris.   The Company has been recognized for its contribution to the development of innovative solutions in the diabetes prevention and treatment fields and has won a grant for its participation at the Conference in order to present its innovative solution which addresses important gaps in the diabetes care field.  
HCi Viocare’s Diabetes Technology Research Director, Professor Bill Sandham stated: This is a tremendous achievement and reflects all the hard work and dedication contributed by the highly-skilled engineers in the company. The ATTD Startup Grant is always a very hotly contested feature of the conference, and this year attracted so many high-calibre entries from companies, that the final decision of the winning entries was delayed by one month. It will be an excellent opportunity for HCi Viocare to demonstrate its advanced technology to many leading engineers and clinical scientists in the diabetes community.
Professor Sandham is a presenter in the Conference. Today he shared his insights in his presentation with the title Innovations in Pressure/Shear Insoles and the Smart Diabetic Walker using Flexisense Technology.
The ATTD Conference
Over the past 9 years, the International Conference of ATTD has become synonymous with top caliber scientific programs that have provided participants with cutting edge research and analysis into the latest developments in diabetes-related technology. More than 2,500 participants from 80 countries are expected at the unique and innovative Conference that attracts the world's leading researchers, clinical practitioners and industry/corporate professionals for a lively exchange of ideas and information related to the technology, treatment and prevention of diabetes and related illnesses.
The Grant
The Grant includes all the relevant expenses of the Company’s participation as well as a booth in which the Company will demonstrate the unique features of the Flexisense™ Smart Insole and Smart Diabetic Boot, and a related presentation at the Technology Fair.