Flexisense goes commercial. HCi Viocare has signed agreement with Carilex Medical for the development and commercialization of a genuinely smart mattress.

HCi Viocare Technologies, has signed a licensing agreement with Carilex Medical Inc.  a leading medical mattresses manufacturer with global presence. The two companies combined forces in setting a common goal to redefine the way in which nursing monitoring and care of bedridden patients takes place, incorporating the groundbreaking Flexisense™ technology into a Carilex special production line of medical mattresses and delivering to the hospitals a series of truly smart mattresses.


Even the most modern hospitals in the world face significant weaknesses in the effective treatment of bedridden patients, as there is no automated alert and monitoring system for care givers. Furthermore, some modern mattresses present limited automation in individual functions, in contrast to the Flexisense™ solution which is holistic.


With 25 years of experience, Carilex builds on expertise, extending their lead over competition by developing state-of-the-art technology on anti-decubitus mattresses. Carilex invests highly in innovation and has always worked tirelessly with medical institutions worldwide to gain critical insight into the needs of patients and clinicians. Having the full-control of in-house manufacturing, Carilex provides unparalleled products in wound care management in the form of a comprehensive product line proven in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores and wounds.


Dr Christos Kapatos, HCi Viocare’s co-founder and CTO stated: “We are truly excited for our cooperation with Carilex Medical. We deeply appreciate their innovative and, at the same time, human-centric and qualitative profile. The medical mattress is one of the most interesting applications of Flexisense™, as it will fill a big gap in the market, providing real solutions to the hospitals and dramatically improving the patients’ quality of life”.


Mindy Kuei, Deputy Marketing Director of Carilex Medical Group, stated, “With HCi Viocare, we share the same vision of bringing innovation into everyday life. Our goal is to create a new product line of smart mattresses, empowered by Flexisense™ that will revolutionize the standard of patient care.”