HCi Viocare is a development capital investment opportunity in the high growth / high margin prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation and diabetes markets. It benefits from a market leading footing from which to expand, and seeks to invest in a synergistic business model of HCi Viocare Clinics and new technology development, with an out-licensing model. The company has a strong pipeline of near-market to research-stage technologies, developed by a team that includes world renowned experts in their field, each committed to the company on an on-going basis.


The HCi Viocare Clinics can be early adopters of the technologies and provide the springboard for further innovation, as well as opportunities for lower-cost clinical trials. This synergistic model will allow the company to sustain high margins and accelerate revenue growth as both the number of clinics and products grow.


HCi Viocare is a Nevada company, listed on the OTC market. For further information please contact Mr. Sergios Katsaros (sergios.katsaros@hciviocare.com).