Glasgow, Scotland, February 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE - Rafina Innovations Inc. has been advised of a significant increase in the share price and trading volume of the Company's shares beginning Monday February 25, 2019. more
Glasgow, Scotland--(Market wired - February 25, 2019) - Rafina Innovations Inc. ("the Company" (OTCQB: VICA)) is pleased to announce that it has developed a product prototype to assist patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis. Deep Vein Thrombosis (“DVT”) occurs when bloods clot form inside veins deep inside the body.more
Glasgow, Scotland, February 14, 2019 Rafina Innovations Inc. (formerly HCi Viocare) (OTCQB:VICA) is delighted to announce that it recently commenced development on a prototype for sleep apnoea through a biPAP machine that management believes can positively impact those with sleep apnoea, a respiratory failure which occurs during sleep.more
Glasgow, Scotland, November 19, 2018 Rafina Innovations Inc. (formerly Rafina Innovations) (OTCQB:VICA) , provides update on recent management changes. Rafina Innovations Inc. was created to be a dynamic technology start-up. Our strength lies in our exceptional sensor-technologies and the team behind them. Rafina Innovations Inc. has created the first... more
Glasgow, Scotland, Thursday July 12, 2018. HCi Viocare (OTCQB:VICA) , is pleased to announce that, further to our Current Report on Form 8-K filed June 15, 2018, Rafina Innovations has completed a name change effective July 9, 2018 to Rafina Innovations Inc. Concurrently, the Company completed a reverse split on the basis of 20:1. The Company will trade... more
Glasgow, Scotland, Wednesday, January 31 st , 2018. HCi Viocare (OTCQB:VICA) , is pleased to announce that its management, acknowledging the tremendous advantages of Blockchain technology, has decided to develop its own proprietary Blockchain based system for handling the sensitive client records in its Scottish Clinics subsidiary. Furthermore,... more
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